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Intensive Care Unit

Oswego Hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) provides care to the most critically ill patients who require close observation and monitoring.

Highly skilled physicians, along with registered nurses and other specially trained clinical staff members, oversee the care needs of ICU patients.

As a patient or as a family member of a patient in the ICU, you can expect that the physicians and ICU staff will keep you well-informed of any major changes in your or the patient's condition and any procedures performed. Members of the ICU team meet with the patient and/or family to ensure that everyone has a common understanding of the health condition and the plan of care. These meetings are a good opportunity for the patient and family members to have their questions answered by the healthcare team.


Special privacy for ICU care: Private rooms have shown to reduce the spread of infection along with creating a quiet atmosphere for healing.

The ICU is a secured unit with access provided by the ICU nursing staff at the department's main entrance.

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