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COVID-19 resources

Oswego Health
110 W. 6th St.
Oswego, NY 13126
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If you are experiencing symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath, please call your primary care provider or the Oswego County COVID-19 Hotline at 315.349.3330.

The severity of coronavirus symptoms can range from very mild to severe. People who are older or have existing medical conditions, such as heart disease, may be at higher risk of serious illness. This is like other respiratory illnesses, such as influenza.

It's important to call ahead of time rather than coming to a medical facility. Calling ahead directs you to the most appropriate care and allows precautions to protect yourself, other patients and healthcare providers.

We have the tools to fight COVID-19 and variants

  • Vaccines remain the best public health measure to protect people from COVID-19, slow transmission, and reduce the likelihood of new variants emerging
  • Masks offer protection against all variants
  • Tests can tell you if you are currently infected with COVID-19

Protecting our patients

Throughout this pandemic, Oswego Health has taken every precaution to keep our staff, patients, and facilities safe. It is because of your diligence following established infectious disease prevention protocols that we have managed this pandemic and been able to care for our community.

We understand our community is eager to reopen visitation as visits from loved ones can promote patients’ physical and emotional well-being.

Effective Monday, November 8, 2021, Oswego Health will allow limited visitation back into our hospital, emergency department, and urgent cares. To view our visitation policy, please visit the visitor information page.

What we know about Omicron

How easily does Omicron spread?

The Omicron variant likely will spread more easily than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and how easily Omicron spreads compared to Delta remains unknown. CDC expects that anyone with Omicron infection can spread the virus to others, even if they are vaccinated or don’t have symptoms.

Will Omicron cause more severe illness?

More data are needed to know if Omicron infections, and especially reinfections and breakthrough infections in people who are fully vaccinated, cause more severe illness or death than infection with other variants.

Will vaccines work against Omicron?

Current vaccines are expected to protect against severe illness, hospitalizations, and deaths due to infection with the Omicron variant. However, breakthrough infections in people who are fully vaccinated are likely to occur. With other variants, like Delta, vaccines have remained effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. The recent emergence of Omicron further emphasizes the importance of vaccination and boosters.

Will treatments work against Omicron?

Scientists are working to determine how well existing treatments for COVID-19 work. Based on the changed genetic make-up of Omicron, some treatments are likely to remain effective while others may be less effective.

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