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Access your medical records or pay your bill online through our:

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Pay your bill online

Understanding your hospital bill

At Oswego Hospital, we constantly strive to keep costs at a reasonable level and consistent with the high quality of care that you expect.

The costs associated with being a patient result from the services associated with your care, including nursing, meals, housekeeping, maintenance and other routine things. Also, the cost of special services is taken into consideration. These may include operating and recovery room costs, laboratory tests and imaging, medications, and other treatments and procedures.

Each visit to Oswego Hospital is billed individually to your insurance carrier, and you will receive a bill for any balance due after insurance.

You may choose to pay your hospital bill online 24/7 through our Patient Portal.

If you have questions regarding your hospital bill, please contact our patient financial services department by calling 315.326.0010 or email

If your care requires anesthesia, medical imaging, pathology or other physician services, you'll be billed separately for these services by the physician who provided the services.

There are some lab services that we do not perform at Oswego Hospital that may be sent to LabCorp, which will bill your insurance directly, and you may receive a bill directly from them for any balances due. If you have any questions regarding their services, please contact them at 800.845.6167.

Pay your bill online

Physician charges

Before being admitted to the hospital, you should understand the terms and conditions of your private insurance coverage, including whether any physician who will care for you at Oswego Hospital participates in your plan. You should discuss this matter with your physician before your hospitalization.

Most physicians involved in your care (including emergency department physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons) will bill you separately for their services.

Here are a few of the offices you may need to contact to see if they participate with your insurance:

Find a Physician

Financial services

Oswego Hospital is committed to providing you with the best possible care.

View a list of the insurance companies that we currently have a contract with.

The hospital can assist patients with obtaining medical coverage and with facilitated enrollment in various programs. Oswego Hospital also provides financial assistance.

Your rights and protections against surprise medical bills

When you get emergency care or get treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network hospital or ambulatory surgical center, you are protected from surprise billing or balance billing.

Learn more about your rights.

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