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Sharper Imaging and Faster Diagnoses- Oswego Health Invests in State-of-The-Art Technology That Combines Fluoroscopy and Unlimited Radiography

Hospital news | Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

Oswego Health announces the installation of an advanced, dual-use radiography and fluoroscopy imaging system that will help physicians get real-time X-ray images of the anatomy.

The Luminos Agile Max from Siemens Healthineers is the first patient-side system that offers physicians advances in both fluoroscopy and radiography that can meet the diverse healthcare needs of an evolving community.

Safer use and safer exams are now possible with a height-adjustable table that makes it easier for staff to transfer and work with patients. The special MAX Assistance feature provides fast and easy access to the safest transfer positions.

“Repetitive stress injuries have a real impact on sick leave and productivity,” said David Ruel, Senior Director of Ancillary Services. “Patient transfers, heavy equipment, and a fixed table height all contribute to repetitive stress injuries. The height-adjustable table makes transfers easier and safer, for staff and patients alike.”

Sharper imaging is achieved with the system’s dynamic flat detector that delivers 116 percent more anatomical coverage than image intensifier systems. The distortion-free, high-quality dynamic sequences make for greater diagnostic confidence. The dual-use system means only one detector is needed for both radiography and fluoroscopy.

Stronger synergies are made possible by the dual-use nature of the system. With decreasing demand for fluoroscopy, dedicated patient-side controlled fluoroscopy systems are seeing less use – leading to more idle time for the system, the staff, and the space. Agile Max changes everything by adding a ceiling-suspended radiography system to the patient-side controlled fluoroscopy room.

Ruel said, “This dual capability expands the use of our room to meet the mix of radiography and fluoroscopy exams we see today, and the mix we expect to see in the future. The MAXswap with MAX wi-D and MAX mini detectors allow us to use the same detectors on our other Siemens Max systems and makes for a smarter investment.”