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Oswego State student learns the advantage of a community hospital close to campus

Hospital news | Friday, April 8, 2016

Contact: Marion Ciciarelli

An Oswego State student learned firsthand last November the advantages of having a community hospital and its emergency department close to campus.

Oswego State Junior Alex Peck attended his morning classes and then grabbed lunch. Soon he was experiencing stomach pains that just kept getting worse. When those pains moved to his right side, he called his mother in Long Island, who told him to go to Oswego Hospital.

Once he arrived at the hospital’s emergency room, he had blood work done and underwent a computed tomography (CT) scan. As a result of the testing, it was determined that Peck would undergo surgery to remove his appendix in the morning.

“I had never stayed in a hospital before and the care throughout my experience was excellent,” Peck said. “Everyone was so nice and kind to me, my girlfriend and my parents, who drove up from Long Island.”

The afternoon after his surgery he was able to return to his dorm room and attend a couple days of classes before traveling home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Today, he has fully recovered and as a broadcasting major, enjoyed most of the winter months covering the Oswego State hockey games for the college’s television station, WTOP.

Oswego Hospital has a seven-suite surgery center that offers a wide range of surgical services, including general, obstetrics, orthopedic and urological. The surgical services team is committed to providing the highest-quality care to our patients.

Among the surgical procedures performed at the surgery center are general, OB-GYN, orthopedic, ophthalmologic, urological, ear, nose, throat (ENT), oral/maxillofacial, GI, endoscopic and laparoscopic.

Oswego Hospital’s nursing and anesthesia staff provide 24-hour coverage for urgent and emergency procedures.