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Oswego Hospitals Maternity Center offers the Comforts of Home

Hospital news | Thursday, January 14, 2016

Contact: Marion Ciciarelli

Mothers in labor may feel that they never left home in Oswego Hospital’s maternity center.

The physicians and nursing staff provide care in a center that offers a comfortable, homey feel. Each of the five private labor/delivery/recovery rooms features a private bathroom with a large soaking tub. Laboring mothers have found these chest-high tubs helpful in moving along the labor process and with pain management. Another feature are the attractive wooden cabinets that conceal the medical equipment until it is needed.

Once a woman delivers her baby, she will recover in one of the postpartum rooms, most of which are private and have their own bathrooms, complemented with a cheery, homelike atmosphere.

To continue its comfortable tone, the center has a living room-like setting where new mothers can learn breastfeeding techniques from an internationally-certified lactation specialist.

The delivering physicians are experienced and knowledgeable and include Venkata Ramani Dasari, MD; Daniel Coty, DO; and Raj Mahajan, MD. “We work with each new mom to develop a birthing plan that meets her individual delivery needs,” said Obstetrician/Gynecologist Mahajan. “This is a special time in a family’s life and we want to ensure that it meets every expectation.”

Among the technology advancements in the maternity center are state-of-the-art ceiling ‘eyeball lights’ installed in the labor/delivery/recovery rooms, which will provide remote control directional lighting that will assist physicians and staff in providing care for both the newborn and mother.

There are also numerous security improvements offering a piece of mind to new families.

The maternity center enjoys a 98 percent patient satisfaction ranking among peer group hospitals, according to Press Ganey, which is the largest provider of healthcare satisfaction measurement data in the country.

In the maternity center, outstanding care is assured with board-certified physicians available 24 hours per day. A physician anesthesiologist is always available to meet the pain needs of laboring women, including general anesthesia, spinals and epidurals.

Along with these medical professionals, a full complement of midwives, nurse practitioners and nursing staff are there to help patients and family members through their birth experience.

To extend the best care to newborns, a neonatal nurse practitioner is always available. Oswego Hospital is one of only two community hospitals in the region to provide this level of care to newborns.

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Oswego Hospital’s Maternity Center Offers The Comforts of Home

Oswego Hospital’s maternity center offers families a comfortable and technologically-advanced facility, where they can welcome their newborns. Pictured is one of the private labor and delivery rooms.