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Oswego Health takes part in placenta donation program

Hospital news | Monday, March 13, 2017

Contact: Marion Ciciarelli

Oswego Health’s Maternity Center is now participating in the placenta and birth tissue donation program coordinated by the Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank (CNYETB).

            Through the program, women who undergo a planned C-section birth at Oswego Hospital can donate their placenta and umbilical cord to the CNYETB.

            The unique cellular make-up of the birth tissues provide many benefits for those needing wound healing, tendon repair, ophthalmic procedures, dental work, biological dressing or treatment for burns and grafts, among others.            

            Each donated placenta provides between 12 and 100 different amnion graphs that can be produced for transplantation, resulting in up to 100 lives that can be enhanced or saved.

            “It’s really a great program as it can help a lot of people,” said Obstetrician/Gynecologist Raj Mahajan, MD. “My patients have been very receptive of the program and are willing to donate the placenta.”

            Oswego County OB/GYN Practice Manager Dan Mather said that the donation program is discussed with all patients expected to undergo a planned C-section. Patient consent is required. Only planned C-section patients can take part in the program as a technician from CNYETB needs to be on hand at the time of the birth to collect the placenta.

            “The donation program has been well-received and there is really no patient risk to participate,” Mather said.

            Oswego Health Maternity Center Clinical Director Kim Hyde also advocates for the new donation program. “I am glad to see so many of our C-section moms embracing this program, which truly benefits so many others,” Hyde said.

Oswego Health’s Maternity Center, which enjoyed a ten percent increase in births last year, offers families a comfortable and homey environment, featuring attractive private rooms, each with its own bathroom containing a large soaking tub. This environment is complemented by the latest technology. A caring and knowledgeable staff oversees the entire family's needs.

To learn more about the Maternity Center, or to arrange a tour, please call 349-5572.