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Oswego Health Maternity Department Features New Bassinest That Promote The Bonding Experience

Hospital news | Monday, February 18, 2019

Contact: Marion Ciciarelli

New baby bassinests at Oswego Health’s Maternity Center promote both that special bond between a mother and her newborn, as well as safe sleep.

The ultra-modern and sleek-looking bassinests are designed to keep a baby within an easy reach of mom, enabling that precious and important early bonding experience. While the old bassinets were a fixed height, the new bassinests slide right over a hospital bed and feature a retractable sidewall that easily lowers so mom can comfortable and without having to get out of bed, reach her baby. The bassinests easily spins around and there is storage for diapers and other supplies. It even comes with a night light and sounds to lullaby baby to sleep.

Oswego Health Maternity Director Kimberly Spurling said the new bassinests offer both comfort and safety. “It gives our moms more opportunity to be hands on,” she said. “We want mom to be active in caring for their baby and this puts everything right at her fingertips.”

Spurling adds that the new bassinests promote breastfeeding. “We certainly encourage our moms to breastfeed and with the new bassinests her baby is within an easy reach. Our moms no longer need to ask our nurse to lift a baby out of the old-style bassinet for them.”

The new bassinets also foster safe sleep. “It’s simply not safe for a newborn to co-sleep with mom,” Spurling said. “These bassinests help our moms model safe sleeping, which we also actively promote as they allow for close sleeping with optimal visibility giving mom comfort.

Oswego Health’s maternity center offers families a comfortable and homey environment, featuring attractive private rooms, each with its own bathroom and a large soaking tub. This environment is complemented by the latest technology. A caring and knowledgeable staff oversees the entire family's needs throughout the birth experience.

For more information, visit our website at For a tour of the maternity center, please call 315-349-5572.