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Oswego Health Frontline Heroes to be Featured in National Short-Form Documentary Series Hosted by Dennis Quaid

Corporate news | Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

A national production crew came to Oswego, NY on January 6th as part of a short-form documentary series hosted by Dennis Quaid spotlighting frontline heroes and their response and commitment throughout the pandemic. Oswego Health will be one of 12 other hospitals across the country to be featured.

Viewpoint short-form documentary will be distributed to Public Television stations in all 50 states in Spring 2022 on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and Discovery Channel.

“As a small community healthcare system, to receive this national recognition is truly a proud moment for our staff and a testament to their hard work,” stated President and CEO, Michael Harlovic.

Interviewed as part of the short-form documentary, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Micheal Stephens, MD, shared “I am incredibly proud to be a physician here as Oswego Health is one of the last remaining, independent health care systems in the State of New York. This is incredibly important to me because we do not have another entity dictating what the healthcare needs are in our community. When we can maintain our autonomy, we can more effectively and efficiently identify the healthcare problems and needs of our community and I think in retrospect, that is what made an incredible difference for us during the pandemic. We were nimble, which afforded us the immediate opportunity to respond and collaborate with our local department of health, skilled nursing facilities, community providers, emergency responders, schools, and other organizations.

When you build relationships under duress, and you look back over pandemics throughout history, you look at natural disasters or wars; these bonds that are built are incredibly strong. That’s what we have here at Oswego Health and in this community. That’s what happened throughout this pandemic and I am excited to see these relationships continue to grow.”

Vice President of Clinical Services and Integrated Healthcare, Katie Pagliaroli, MS, BSN, RN, was also interviewed. “Seeing how truly dedicated our physicians, nurses and entire staff are to our patients, is something that keeps me motivated. Our providers are easily accessible; policies can be quickly updated and deployed; staff is engaged in the process; and we manage our pandemic response collectively as a team.”

Anxiously waiting for the short-form documentary to debut later this Spring, Oswego Health plans on sharing this with their staff, the greater community, and hopefully potential recruits.