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Oswego Health Begins Vaccinating Frontline Healthcare Workers

Corporate news | Thursday, December 24, 2020

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

Oswego Health eagerly accepted the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at Oswego Hospital and injections began shortly thereafter.

In anticipation of the vaccine arriving, Oswego Health had actively been developing a strict scheduling distribution plan set forth by the state and federal government. Oswego Health has a plan in place to be able to provide vaccinations for all staff.

In an email to all Oswego Health employees sent today, Chief Medical Officer Duane Tull, MD, FACS shares “these past 10 months have been a whirlwind for all of us. Personally, and professionally this virus has impacted our daily lives. The little things in life we once took for granted are the things we miss most. As an essential worker at Oswego Health, you have seen firsthand the importance of our new safety standards and protocols within our hospital and facilities. You have MASKED up, LATHERED up, and now it’s important to SLEEVE up! This vaccine will help protect you, your loved ones, and your coworkers. Please do your part and get vaccinated as this is the fastest way to safeguard our community.”

Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer, Valerie Favata administered the first Oswego Health vaccine for Med Surge registered nurse, Ashley Sidman at 6:52 a.m. When asked why she chose to be vaccinated, Ashley said for her grandma.

Oswego Health is prepared to play a critical role in the vaccine distribution plan both as a major employer vaccinating its staff, but also caring for residents in their skilled nursing facility and onto the public at large when the time comes through its primary care offices.