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Infection Prevention is Part of the Job - EVS Staff Keeps Oswego Health Facilities Disinfected & Clean

Hospital news | Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

(Oswego, NY – May 18, 2020) Throughout this pandemic, healthcare workers and emergency responders have been recognized for their fight against COVID-19. Not many people, however, are aware of who else is stepping up to fight the fight and prevent further spread in medical settings. The unsung heroes if you will.

Infection prevention is part of the job description for all forty of Oswego Health’s Environmental Services (EVS) Technicians. Even before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, the EVS Technicians, who are led by the Infection Control Practitioner and Certified Health Care Professional Certified EVS Manager, have been trained to thoroughly clean and disinfect patient rooms as well as high touch surface areas such as elevators, handrails, doorknobs, waiting areas and bathrooms.

“Our EVS Technicians are trained to fight the spread of diseases, no matter which ones,” stated EVS Manager, Joy Bifera, CHESP. “We were ready for COVID-19 as cleaning and disinfecting is what we do every day and I’m confident in my team keeping our hospital and outpatient practices safe as our track record for low HAI and infection rates prove it.”