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Indoor Air Quality Plays a Critical Role in Healing and Wellness - Oswego Hospital Receives “5-Star” Energy Rating Achievement

Corporate news | Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

Indoor air quality plays a critical role in healing and wellness at hospitals and other healthcare facilities – lives may depend on it. They must maintain a high level of cleanliness to promote healing and good health, especially for patients in critical care units. Yet studies have shown that the air quality inside many hospitals is poor. Studies also show that cleaner indoor air aids patient recovery and decreases physiological stress. As a result, hospital administrators might need to implement an air filtration strategy to combat the problem.

Oswego Health has partnered with Camfil, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of air filtration systems, to meet the air quality needs of its 164-bed hospital and has earned a “5-Star” energy rating achievement.

Michael Backus, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of Oswego Health shares, “Every single one of our employees are healthcare heroes, regardless if they’re responsible for direct patient care and this achievement exemplifies the commitment of our Engineering Team. They work behind the scenes upholding the daily maintenance of our 17 locations, but also take immense strides to ensure those entering our hospital, have the cleanest air possible.”

The 5-Star award recognizes Oswego Health for meeting all Energy Cost Index air filtration standards to ensure continued energy savings while maintaining quality indoor air throughout its hospital. In addition, this achievement indicates the hospital is using Camfil’s most energy-efficient, longest-lasting filters and illustrates Oswego Health’s commitment to providing clean indoor air for its employees and staff, all while contributing to today’s green efforts to conserve energy and reduce waste.

Territory Sales Manager of Camfil, Kathy Garuccio states, “With current events as they are, many facilities have had to rush to improve their filtration, however; Oswego Health’s Engineering Department did not need to be reactive, as they have for many years installed filters that meet or exceed both ASHRAE* and ASHE* standards and recommendations. Training and education has been important and provided to the whole team annually. I have been very impressed with the level of commitment to overall filtration from the Engineering department.”

In addition to the air filtration system provided by Camfil, Oswego Health has made significant investments to ensure the highest level of quality healthcare is available at Oswego Hospital. As part of the $7.6 million renovations to the medical-surgical unit at Oswego Hospital, each patient room is equipped with a new HVAC filtration system purchased through HealthWay Family of Brands that will greatly improve the indoor air quality within the patient rooms. In each patient bathroom, Indigo-Clean is installed, a light technology that continuously disinfects the surfaces within the bathroom area. This technology is known to reduce pathogens by nearly 99% creating a greatly reduced chance of hospital-acquired infection and better patient outcomes.