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Exelon Donates iPads to Oswego Health to Assist Patients with Access to Care

Foundation news | Monday, August 17, 2020

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

According to the NY State of Health, in 2019 there were 20,084 individuals enrolled in Medicaid in Oswego County. Many of these residents need additional support and assistance with services. The Oswego Health Care Management meet the clients regularly to help manage their medical needs, social needs and behavioral needs. Some examples of the assistance they provide are coordinating care with providers, therapists, educational needs, housing solutions, transportation, along with offering additional support so individuals can live a healthy life.

With the current state of the pandemic, Care Management is finding it more difficult to assist clients with coordinating care as there is a limit in technology access for many of their clientele. For those reasons, Care Coordination Manager, Deanne Meyers-Acome worked with the Oswego Health Foundation to contact Exelon to see if there was any additional support they could provide as Exelon upgrades their technology regularly and donates used equipment to local nonprofits.

“It’s always been a focus of our organization to assure excess resources go to helping the right people. This was the perfect opportunity to give back and help bridge the coordination challenges facing Care Management and their clients.” Nick Millard, Corporate Maintenance Instructor. “Exelon is happy to provide Oswego Health Care Management with 30 iPads to assist their clients in the community with access to care through Telemed. In addition, the iPads can be used for families that have multiple children that may be limited in devices to access their educational needs to complete schoolwork as we know these Care Managers are offering support however their clients need it. We’re just ecstatic these iPads can be put to good use.”

The Oswego Health Care Management team consists of seventeen Care Managers that specialize in children or adults. On average the children’s Care Managers service 25 Medicaid clients each per month in Oswego County and the adult Care Managers service 40 clients a month. In total, the Oswego Health Care Management team is an extension of service to approximately 1,000+ Medicaid clients throughout the community yearly and approximately 30 non-Medicaid children that are contracted through the county with the Oswego Health Care Management team to serve.