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Donation to Hospital's C-section Recovery Room

Hospital news | Friday, November 6, 2015

Contact: Marion Ciciarelli

Newborns at Oswego Hospital’s Maternity Center are benefiting from a motorcycle ride held earlier this year.

The local chapter of the Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club, whose membership includes volunteer firefighters from throughout Oswego County, held its thunder in the creek fund raising event with more than 160 motorcyclists participating. The group donated $500 of the revenue raised from the event for the Oswego Hospital’s new c-section recovery room and its advanced equipment. The new facility allows babies born during c-sections to bond more quickly with their mothers after birth.

Fire and Iron made its gift in memory of one of its own, whose family wishes to remain anonymous.

“We are grateful to community organizations who support the healthcare needs of our community” said Karen Ferguson, Director of the Oswego Health Foundation

In the photo from left, Paul Falbo, club secretary; Karen Ferguson, Oswego Health Foundation Director, Clint Smith, Fire and Iron President and Kim Hyde, Clinical Director of Oswego Hospital’s Maternity Center.