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Central Square School District Promotes Healthy Highway Program

Community news | Monday, October 21, 2019

Contact: Jamie Leszczynski

To continue spreading the message of Healthy Highway, Oswego Health recently attended the majority of elementary school open houses in the Hannibal, Fulton, Phoenix, and Central Square school districts, bringing an educational moment to the students and families alike about the importance of making healthy choices both in food and physical activity.

The Healthy Highway initiative helps to combat childhood obesity by using traffic metaphors to teach children the importance of fueling their cars well and driving wisely on the healthy highway of life. It has been initiated by elementary physical education teachers throughout the county, and the aim is to spread it throughout the schools and into the homes, thus having everyone aware of the lifelong value of smart choices with food and physical activity.

Bill Hansen, physical education teacher at Millard Hawk Elementary School in the Central Square School District joins Oswego Health to promote Healthy Highway Program at the school’s annual open house.