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Monthly Giving

Recurring Gifts

Monthly giving allows you to spread your generosity out all year long. You make a difference a little at a time that adds up to a BIG difference in providing accessible, quality care and improving the health of the residents in our community.

Convenient and easy way to give.

Please call 315-326-3473 or email with your information to set up your monthly giving. Your pre-authorized gift will be withdrawn automatically and securely each month. No more writing checks and mailing them in. Save the envelope and stamp.

Flexible – You decide how much to give each month and on what day of the month. There is no time commitment. You may increase, decrease or cancel your monthly gift at any time.

Cost effective – Less is spent on administrative, paper and mailing costs. You will not receive monthly thank you letters. Instead we will communicate with you personally, by email and as a part of the Healthcare Hero group. At the beginning of the calendar year, you will receive an annual giving statement for the previous year for your tax records.

Steady stream of support – 12 gifts in 12 months. This means your monthly gift will have 12 times the impact. Your commitment to a monthly gift shows you understand the need for ongoing, consistent philanthropic support.

It is so important to maintain access to local healthcare. The people within the organization inspire my giving. Everyone who steps into an Oswego Health facility receives the same exceptional care. Large regional healthcare facilities do not provide the same personalized care as doctors, nurses and staff who live in the community. I make my gift monthly using my credit card because it makes giving so easy. It just happens each month without the need for me to remember to do anything. My support to Oswego Health is just included as part of my monthly budget. It makes supporting such an incredible organization so easy.
Mark Slayton (Oswego Health System and Foundation Board Member)


For more information or assistance, please contact the Foundation at 315-326-3473.

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