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Your Employee Giving Campaign


This annual giving campaign is just for Oswego Health employees. It supports the efforts of Oswego Health to provide quality, accessible care to the community through all of its affiliates. In one way or another, philanthropy touches the lives of every one of our patients, every donation, no matter what size, makes an impact.

undefinedI like to give to organizations that make a difference in the communities they serve, and Oswego Health is vitally important for the residents of Oswego and surrounding areas. Giving to Oswego Health allows me to show my appreciation to the organization that supports me and my family, as well as the community. It allows employees to have access to needed items that are otherwise unbudgeted. Whether it be through education for staff, state-of the-art laboratory equipment, or items that provide comfort to patients and their families, the patient experience benefits in some way, directly or indirectly.
Pat Fasulo, Anatomical Pathology Supervisor

Your gift matters.

Together with the gifts from individuals, corporate and foundation partners, employee gifts make a significant impact for the future and sustainability of healthcare in our community. By being a part of the We are the First Step Campaign, employees partner together to support each other, our patients and our residents and their families.

undefinedI give to Oswego Health for a number of reasons. Having quality healthcare available locally is important to me. Oswego Health has always been here for me and family members who have needed care and I want that to continue. It takes a tremendous burden off of a family to be local and not have to worry about driving to Syracuse when a loved one is sick. Oswego Health has a pulse on the needed healthcare services in our community and continues to expand to meet the needs of our residents. I feel it is important tosupport local businesses and keep them here and continue to grow our area.I am also thankful to be able to have a job in my own community.
Sandy Nettles, Director of Patient Financial Services

Ways to give

No gift is too small - it is the pride you gain from giving. Contributions can be made as a one-time gift or recurring gift. All donations to We are the First Step are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and can be made through payroll deduction, credit card, check or cash.

If you choose payroll deduction, please complete the form and return it to the Foundation Office. Gifts through payroll deduction can be one-time or recurring for the effective year. Payroll deduction forms must be completed each calendar year to be effective.

You may also donate by credit card or debit card online through our secure website. You can make a one-time gift or set up monthly giving. This allows you to have flexibility in your giving while making a difference in our health system.

If you would prefer, you can fill out the gift form found in the "We are the First Step" brochure.

undefinedAs an Oswego Health employee, I am very proud to be participating in the “We Are The First Step” employee giving program. I strongly believe it is our commitment to our community healthcare system that will allow us to continue on our path of becoming stronger and stronger for the residents of Oswego County. This program is an avenue to help this process along. It benefits our patients and families in every aspect and has such an impact on improving health, technology and awareness of Oswego Health and all that we do in our area. This is a wonderful way to look out for our future.
Judy Walsh, Environmental Services Manager


For more information or assistance, please contact the Foundation Office at 315-326-3473.

Thank you to our staff that took the "First Step" and gave to the 2018 campaign.

Teresa April-Pompo Lorie Gates Kelly Montagna
Jennifer Baker Tammy Gelsi Dina Munger
Sue Bakos Kathaleen Gentile Heather Murphy
Margaret Barclay Cheryle Giamartino David Murray
Gail Beebe Jill Gilman Catherine Nelson
Joy Bifera Jessika Glenn Sandy Nettles
Nancy Blais Loretta Greeney Maggie Niland-Glass
Christopher Blum Edward Hale Sandra Obleman
Samantha Branham Terri Hammill Kathryn Pagliaroli
Robert Bucher Ralph Hanselman Keri Parker
Heidi Bush Michael Harlovic James Pickett
Kathleen Byrne Rose Hartle Jody Pittsley
Eric Campbell Kathaleen Healy Cory Porter
Rebecca Chamberlin Cassandra Hickman Jason Pratt
Marion Ciciarelli Helen Hoefer Yvonne Pringle
Mary-Kate Cloonan Michele Hourigan Billie-Jo Ramachandran
Jeffrey Coakley Wendy Howard Janet Rasbeck
Kathryn Cocciole Heather Huggins Morgan Riddell
Mary Coe Kimberly Hyde David Ruel
Stephanie Colasurdo Shannon Isbell Bonnie Rusaw
Deborah Crary-Powers Jake Jones Barry Ryle
Amy Conzone William Kerr Alena Sebastianelli
Alishia Dingman Rebecca Kimberly Carla Salisbury
Jennifer Dowdle Heather Knapp-Beardsley Jason Santiago
Jennifer Dubovik Katie Knopp Tracy Seeber
Janet Dumigan Barbara Knopp Colleen Sharkey
Margaret Dunsmore Frank Lackey Dawn Smith
Ronald Durgan Brenda LaMay Kimberly Spurling
Heather Duval Jeremy Lambert Alyce Stotts
Brianna Earl Jeffrey Lavezzo Jasmine Thomas
Joanne Ebersole Anna Lobb Catherine Thompson
Elaine Familo Melissa Maciejko Christine Traphagen
Patrick Fasulo Patricia Main Paul Vandish
Jamie Fay Michelle McCann Jovencio Verceles
Ma. Eliza Fay Amy McCune Amber Vescio
Joanne Fayette Chelsea Meehan Laurie VonHoltz
Dawn Fernandez Erin Meehan-Hall Judith Walsh
Theresa Fitzgibbons Lynn Mieczkowski Rita Wicks
Eric Flinchum Sarah Miller John Williams
Patricia Foley Terri Mills Brooke Windey
Jennifer Forbes Michelle Mills-McClave Tiffany Woodward
Sarah Galka Chris Mitchell Julie Yankowsky

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