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Oswego Health Foundation

Your Employee Giving Campaign


In way one or another, philanthropy touches the lives of every one of our patients, every gift, no matter what sizes, makes an impact.  This annual giving campaign is just for Oswego Health employees.

Employees can participate during anytime of the year by making a one-time gift or recurring gift through payroll deduction, credit card, cash or check.  The campaign supports the efforts of Oswego Health to provide accessible, quality care and improve the health of residents in our community.  

Gifts of any amount make a difference

By being a part of “We are the First Step”, employees’ partner together to support each other, our patients and their families in the following ways:

Invest in employee driven projects, in which all employees can apply through an internal grants process

Support health system-wide projects that will make a significant impact for the future, creating sustainable healthcare in our community

undefinedI have been with Oswego Health for seven years and every day I feel so blessed to work here. I take pride in the job I do here to support the staff and the community.  Participating in this campaign gives me a sense of ownership in that I help fund certain projects to make Oswego Health a better place for our community.  I am proud to be a part of it!
Cheryle Giamartino, IS&T Systems Analyst III

Be inspirational

Our employees give so much of their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of our patients. This employee giving campaign is an exciting way to show the community that “We are the First Step” in making a difference in our health system.

undefinedI believe we are fortunate to have a strong, community based healthcare system that offers such a broad range of services so close to home.  My giving is inspired by our clinical staff.  As a non-clinical employee I feel my role in helping to achieve the best delivery of patient care is to ensure that our clinical team has access to the newest equipment, training, and facilities. Through giving I feel I contribute to this mission while improving the health of our local community.
Chris Mitchell, Senior Director of Physician Services                                             

These employees have already taken the "First Step" and have given to the 2017 campaign.

Michael Alcasid, MD Kate Gentile Michelle M. McCann
Terri April Cheryle Giamartino Amy McCune
Sue Bakos Chuck Gijanto Mike Messersmith
Joy Bifera Edward Hale Lynn Mieczkowski
Nancy M. Blais Terri Hammill Sarah L. Miller
Sara J. Broadwell Patricia Harris Christopher Mitchell
Denise A. Brown Myia Hill Kelly Montagna
Robert W. Bucher  Kimberly M. Hyde Dina Munger
Bobbi Carr Elizabeth Kapa LPN David M. Murray, RPh
Marie Castillo-Alcasid, MD Carly M. King Jane Nalle
Marion Ciciarelli Heather Knapp-Beardsley Maggie Niland Glass
Kathy Cloonan Barbara Knopp Keri Parker
Jeff Coakley Katie L. Knopp Jody Pittsley
Catherine R. Conzone Brenda LaMay Janet Rasbeck, NNPBC
Sarah Driscoll, RPh Jeremy R. Lambert David Ruel
Brianna L. Earl Amber LaTray Bonnie Rusaw
Joanne T. Ebersole Jeffery Lavezzo Barry Ryle
Heather Elen Tim LeBlanc James R. Sandler
Amy Ellingworth Tammy M. Lenchert Jason Santiago
Brandi Engle Anna Lobb Colleen Sharkey
Patrick Fasulo Melissa Maciejko Melissa Stotts
Ma. Eliza L. Fay Patricia A. Main Laurie VonHoltz
Karen Ferguson Tina M. Malcott Cate Thompson
Dawn Fernandez Deanna Mannigan John L. Williams
Lorie Gates Mary Marshall Brooke L. Windey
Jessica Fowler  Meghan McCann Tonya K. Woodard
Sarah Galka        

Our 2016 Campaign

The 2017 Employee Mini-Grant Program would not be possible if it wasn't for these employees who gave from January 2016-December 2016.



Michael Alcasid, MD Lorie Gates Maureen Miceli
Hollie Anderson Kate Gentile Gerri Millar
Terri April Cheryle Giamartino Sarah L. Miller
Sue Bakos Chuck Gijanto Christopher Mitchell
Brianne J. Barr Nicole Gower Barbara Morrison
Sandra Beckwith Terri Hammill David M. Murray, RPh
Margaret Beers Ralph Hanselman Jane Nalle
Joy Bifera Patricia Harris Sandy Nettles
Nancy M. Blais Myia Hill Maggie Niland Glass
Denise A. Brown Kimberly M. Hyde Sandra Obleman
Eric Campbell Jennifer Januszka Katie Pagliaroli
Bobbi Carr Elaine Johnson  Keri Parker
Marie Castillo-Alcasid, MD Pat Johnson Timothy A. Pethybridge
Melissa S. Chapman Kasondra Johnson-Reed Jody Pittsley
Marion Ciciarelli Elizabeth Kapa LPN Melissa Purtell
Johnna Coad  Carly M. King Janet Rasbeck, NNPBC
Jeff Coakley Heather Knapp-Beardsley Lauren K. Roach
Kathy Cocciole Barbara Knopp Barry Ryle
Catherine R. Conzone Katie L. Knopp James R. Sandler
Libby Costanzo Brenda LaMay Jason Santiago
Jamie Cullinan Jeremy R. Lambert Heather Sharkey
Mary M. Ditzer, PAC Amber LaTray Sandra Sharkey
Sarah Driscoll, RPh Jeffrey Lavezzo Mary Jo Stevens
Kim Duplessis Tim LeBlanc Cheryl Stilwell 
Brianna L. Earl Anna Lobb Melissa Stotts
Joanne T. Ebersole Colleen Long Karen Szewczyk, NNP
Heather Elen Melissa Maciejko Cynthia Tascarella
Amy Ellingworth Patricia A. Main Kevin Tyson
Patrick Fasulo Renato Mandanas, MD  Laurie VonHoltz
Valerie Favata, RN, BSN, MS Deanna Mannigan Judy Walsh
Ma. Eliza L. Fay Mary Marshall Judith Weissflog
Karen Ferguson Meghan McCann Brooke L. Windey
Chelsea Ford Michelle M. McCann Tonya K. Woodard
Heather A. Frese Amy McCune Arlene Young 
Sarah Galka Mike Messersmith    

How You Can Participate...

Gifts can be made as a one-time gift or recurring gift.  All donations made to "We are the First Step" are tax deductible and can be made through payroll deduction, credit card, cash or check. 

If you choose payroll deduction, please complete the form and return it to the Foundation office.  Gifts through payroll deduction can be one-time or recurring for the effective year.

You may also donate by credit card or debit card online through our website.

If you would prefer, you can fill out the gift form found in the "We are the First Step" Brochure.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.  For more information or assistance, please contact the Foundation office at 315.326.3791 or email us at


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