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Power of Pink

Funding for Free Mammograms still available

State Senator Patty Ritchie and Oswego Health hosted another successful Power of Pink event on Oct. 19th, which promoted the importance of early diagnosis and the treatment of breast cancer.

The event featured physicians and providers who are experts on breast cancer care, as well as local agencies that offer support services to those with the disease.

The speakers at Power of Pink included Oswego Health Surgeon Dawn Holman, MD; Oswego Health Surgeon Allison Duggan, MD; Radiation Oncologist Alexander Banashkevich, MD, of Oswego Radiation Oncology, which has facilities at the Seneca Hill Health Services Center, Steve Thomas, RN, of Upstate Medical University’s Hematology/Oncology, which has offices at the Oswego Health Services Center; and David Poleto, Jr., Constituent Relations Assistant to Senator Ritchie.

At the event, women, over the age of 40, who could not afford a mammogram could undergo one, free of charge thanks to funding provided by Senator Ritchie. A total of 12 women took advantage of this important screening opportunity.

Funding for the free mammograms and clinical breast exams remain available to women who are over the age of 40 who have not had a mammogram due to financial constraints or concerns.  Appointments can be made by calling Carin at Oswego Health Education, 315-349-5513.

 A digital mammogram with computer aided detection is one of the tools I use to diagnose breast cancer.  Screening mammography remains the most practical and cost-effective study available for the early detection of breast cancer today and is an unparalleled asset in our fight against breast cancer.  I also encourage women to have a yearly clinical breast exam, which is another vital screening tool that should not be overlooked.
-Allison A. N. Duggan, MD Oswego Hospital Executive Vice President/COO



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