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Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Throughout the year, Oswego Health host Ask The Doctor forums which are designed to create an open dialogue between healthcare providers/professionals and community members.  Reservations are encouraged.

Ask The Surgeon with our Surgery Team


Wednesday, March 29 at 6pm
GS Steamer


Join us for another night of Ask The Doctor.  Come and meet our general surgeons who will
discuss general and laparoscopic procedures and the specifics of breast surgeries, colorectal surgeries and advanced hernia repairs. There will be plenty of time for audience questions and a short video will provide the opportunity to see inside one of Oswego Hospital’s state-of-the-art operating rooms.

Heart Health
with Thomas Grady, Jr., MD

undefinedMonday, February 6 at 6p.m.
Springside at Seneca Hill

We started the year off learning how you can be more heart healthy.  Cardiologist Thomas Grady, Jr., MD discussed how nutrition, exercise and other healthy habits lead to good heart health.


2016 Past Events

Preventing Diabetes

Wednesday, November 30 at 6p.m.
Riverside Room, GS Steamers

Oswego Health invites members of the community to a panel Ask The Doctor program on Diabetes Prevention, which will discuss the risk factors, the impact of diabetes and prediabetes on overall health, measures available to prevent progression to diabetes and programs offered in the community to improve health.

Leading the panel discussion will be Francis Clifford Arce, MD, along with Family Nurse Practitioner Dominque Guadalupe and Oswego Health’s Certified Diabetes Educator Susan Callaway.

Allergies with Melanie Pence, D.O.
& Nicholas Groch, D.O.undefined

Wednesday, May 18 at 6p.m.
Riverside Room, GS Steamers

Melanie Pence, D.O. and Nicholas Groch, D.O. will discuss allergies, how they impact an individual's daily life and how they can lead to other conditions, such as ear and lung problems.  They will also talk about treatment improvements now available for medications and allergy shots.

Register online here.

Colon Cancer - You Can Prevent It
with Bishnu Sapkota, M.D.undefined

Tuesday, March 22 at 6p.m.
Riverside Room, GS Steamers

Bishnu Sapkota, M.D. discussed healthy alternatives to prevent colon cancer including taking the fear out of the most important screenings those 50 and older should undergo: a colonoscopy. 

Colon cancer doesn't get the same attention as some higher-profile cancers, but it should.  It's the third most common cancer in the United States, with 140,000 people diagnosed each year.  An over a million men and women live with a history of the disease.  Learn about health tips for prevention.

Video of the Ask The Doctor forum:


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