Meet Your Hospitalist
Care for Your Lifetime - Helping to manage the
care of patients while they
are in the hospital

What is a Hospitalist?
Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in managing the care of patients while they are in the hospital. The hospitalists at Oswego Hospital will coordinate consultations, order tests and procedures, and personally provide you with a consistently high level of care throughout your hospital stay. 
If you are admitted to Oswego Hospital, either by referral from your primary care physician, or through the emergency department, the hospitalists will oversee your plan of care and keep you and your family, if you wish, informed on the details of your hospital stay. When you are discharged from the hospital, your medical records, including the admission notes, medical reconciliation and discharge sheets will be provided to your primary care physician. The hospitalist will also help arrange follow up care. 
A member of the Oswego Hospitalist team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Complementing the care are nurse practitioners. The hospitalists at Oswego Hospital are physicians that are board-certified internists.

Hospitalists Keep a Close Eye On You
The hospitalists see their patients as often as necessary to provide a high quality of care, and can arrange for immediate tests and assessments. The Oswego Hospital hospitalists know every specialist and department within the hospital, and will guide patients through a smooth and speedy recovery process. In addition, they may request follow up tests and adjust your treatment regimen based on those test results. 
If necessary, they can arrange for consultation with specialists at a higher level of care facility. 
During your hospital stay, the hospitalist will keep your primary care physician informed on your care. Upon discharge, you will return to the care of your primary care physician.

Hospitalists Answer Your Questions
Hospitalists are here to provide answers in person to their patients. They will also make themselves available to family members to discuss treatment options.

Win, Win Situation
More and more hospitals across the country are implementing hospitalist programs to benefit their patients. In fact, hospital medicine is a fast-growing field with about 35,000 hospitalists currently practicing, according to the Society of Hospital Medicine. 
The program allows primary care physicians to concentrate on offering quality care to patients that seek care in their offices.

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