Hospice/Comfort Care
315-349-5595 Oswego Hospital Third Floor
Oswego Hospital’s Hospice Program is a coordinated program of home and inpatient care that treats the terminally ill patient and their family as a unit. A compassionate team that includes hospice caregivers and hospital employees manage the care of the patient. The program provides comfort and supportive care to meet the special needs arising out of the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic stresses, which are experienced by the individual and their family during the final stages of life.

Oswego Hospital and Oswego County Health Department Hospice Unit have joined together to provide the best possible care to our terminally ill patients. A comfortable suite for hospice patients is available on the third floor of the hospital. All Oswego Hospital third floor staff members are certified Hospice caregivers. The staff’s goal is to provide comfort care to the patient and supportive care to the family in a comfortable environment.

Family members who would like to take advantage of this comfort care program, should work with their at home Hospice Nurse and primary care physician.