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Oswego Hospital's Registration Office assists the more than 7,000 patients that are admitted each year to Oswego Hospital. The department is also where residents register for hospital outpatient services. Below are the answers to questions that are frequently asked about this department.

  • What Can I Expect When I Arrive at Oswego Hospital’s Admitting Department or the Emergency Department?

When you arrive at our Registration Office or Emergency Department, we will ask you for some basic personal and financial information. This information helps us to locate past Oswego Health medical records or will assist us in setting up a new record. We also use this information to process your bill in a timely manner.

This is a necessary process, as we are required by law to maintain records regarding your care. Your patience, understanding and cooperation will make this important process go more quickly. You can help in this process by bringing your health insurance card and any required health insurance forms with you at admission.

If you are scheduled for admission, many of the preliminary procedures, including much of the paperwork, may be completed in advance. Pre-admission forms may be obtained by calling 349-5530. If you are admitted for surgery, the advance preparations may include signing consent forms and completing pre-admission testing and screening. To pre-register for surgery, please call 349-5947.

The patient or a surrogate, whether routine or emergency, must sign permission for treatment. In the case of a minor, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent. If your insurance plan requires notification, please complete that process before you arrive at the hospital.

When you come to the hospital for admission, it is best to travel light. We recommend bringing a robe, nightclothes, slippers and a few personal care items. You may want a small amount of money for television fees, newspapers or other minor purchases. Please do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables. If you arrive unexpectedly, cash and other valuables should be sent home with family members or locked in the hospital's vault. The hospital is not liable for valuables left in your room.


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  1. What Can I Expect At Discharge?

When your physician decides that you are well enough to leave the hospital a discharge order will be written. A number of staff members may help plan your discharge. Part of that planning will include any recommendations for follow-up visits, medications, diet, and other aspects to speed your return to good health.

Please let your nurse or clinical manager, or a member of our Case Management staff know of any special needs you may have upon discharge. You may leave the hospital after your doctor writes the discharge order and you have reviewed your discharge paperwork with the nursing staff.

Once all the details for your discharge from the hospital have been arranged, a nurse or hospital volunteer will take you by wheelchair to the main entrance, where you can be transported to your home. Our patients are responsible for arranging with family or friends their transportation to home.

After your discharge, Oswego Hospital will bill your insurance company directly. You will receive a hospital bill for any unpaid balance after your insurance pays the hospital. You will receive separate billing statements from your physician and any other physicians called for consultation, including radiologists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists and pathologists.

If you have questions about your bill or any of the arrangements, you should call 349-5536 or ask to see a financial counselor during your stay.

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