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Oswego Hospital’s Maternity Center offers new families a comfortable and homey environment where they can welcome their newborn.

The Maternity Center features attractive private rooms, each with its own bathroom with a large soaking tub, which is complemented by the latest technology. A caring and knowledgeable staff oversees the entire new family’s needs.

Following delivery, there are private postpartum rooms where Dad can spend the night and join in the family’s bonding experience. These rooms are also private, cheery and offer their own bathrooms.

Providing exceptional compassionate care to Oswego Hospital’s new families are the department’s three board-certified physicians, two certified nurse midwives and three neonatal nurse practitioners, as well as a patient educator, who is also a lactation consultant.

  Feel like you never left home

Mothers in labor will feel like they never left home at Oswego Hospital’s home-like Maternity Center that also features the latest technology.   

  As part of that comfort and the bonding experience, the Center has a cozy, living room setting where new Mothers can learn breastfeeding techniques. 

Once you return home, if you have questions about your care or your newborn's, the staff is only a phone call away.

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