Tips on what to bring to the Emergency Room

Chief Medical Officer Renato Mandanas, MD offers tips for the public when seeking medical care in Oswego Hospitals emergency room


  1.        Bring your medical history, listing all surgeries, any
           allergies to medications and food, as well as your
           medical contact information. When at the emergency
           department, don’t downplay any symptoms you 
           may be experiencing.
  2.        Anticipate hospital admission and be sure to bring 
           along your insurance information, as well as 
           additional clothing and personal items.
  3.        Be prepared to explain any other information that may impact your care. If you arrive with a family
           member or friend, they may assist you with providing this information. You may also want to consider     
           preparing a living will ahead of time.
  4.        Be patient. It takes time for the physician and other medical staff members to correctly diagnose a
           medical condition.